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Lizy Gipson

Position:Zumba Instructor
Experience:Understanding weight loss and modifying for pain management
Lizy is an inspiration to perspiration! She has been in love with dance since she was an early teen, fortunate to take a few years of tap, jazz and ballet before heading more towards physical fitness in high school. Although she was active for her younger years, after having children and throughout her adult life Lizy found herself struggling with her weight. By 45 she found herself at her heaviest at 240 lbs suffering from high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes and other physical complaints that came along with carrying around that much weight. In Sept 2011 Lizy took the opportunity to make a difference in her life and has since dropped almost an entire person, 100 lbs and fallen in LOVE with Zumba®! Lizy became an instructor to inspire and motivate others to get moving and bring joy to their lives through dance and fitness. Now 5 years into her journey to fitness and health, Lizy dropped from a size 22 to a size 4/5! Her new body has been sculpted by Zumba. In May 2016 Lizy was diagnosed with Disk Degenerative Disease and has lost most of her L5-S1 disc. She began treatment at the myo Pain Clinic and has had to dramatically adapt and change her movement as she has learned about dealing with this. What has been the biggest challenge is not to jump. Hard to keep all of that *LIZY* all bottled up. An upcoming MRI and further specialists are going to give her the bigger picture and help her understand how to make permanent modifications so she can remain a Zumba instructor in good physical health.
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