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Full Body Function with Rowing Machine

While you are waiting for a class at the studio, try out a rowing machine in the gym to jump start your warm up and get connected with the full body feeling of movement. After working all day in an office environment, some people need more time to get the body working as a unit. Isolating muscles to increase strength, mobility

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Pleasure & Health

Magnificent Article on Pleasure by Christiane Northrup, M.D. Listen closely. I want to tell you the best-kept health secret on the planet. Ready? Here it is: Pleasure is an essential nutrient that you need, each and every day, to become and remain healthy. Please read that again. And think of the last time you really took the time to feel

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Do you have this Vestibular Tendon?

Here are some reasons why we humans don’t all have the same number of muscles and tendons. Someone in class this week recalled the experience of being a kid learning about your body when a young friend would ask, “Can you do this?” and you would think “I dunno” and then gave it a go. Watch cool facts video here.

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Posture and Performance Analysis

Some of you who are part of the modern tech era will find this an appealing avenue to improve any movement pattern from simple posture while walking to weight training to golfing. Health apps and nudges are so popular there are international symposiums and research on the topic. My colleagues have said the FREE version of this particular app has

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The “Newly” Discovered Organ in the Human Body

We now officially have 79 organs in our body. I know that may boggle your mind because it is assumed that we know all there is about the body, but we know only approximately 1% according to physiologists. This is a  great time of discovery – remember the new muscle and new ligament?! “The mesentery was thought to be a disjointed set

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