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Do you take Ibuprofen before your workout?

I was surprised to hear that many active people use the painkiller ibuprofen on a regular basis. In some surveys, up to 70 percent of endurance athletes report that they down the pills before every workout or competition, viewing the drug as a pre-emptive strike against muscle soreness.  This had me concerned and I looked up a valuable study released

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Is Foam Rolling making your leg tension worse?

Foam rollers seem to be all the rage these days and often for good reason. They’ve been demonstrated to restore lost range of motion at certain joints and many of us swear by their ability to help massage away soreness and speed recovery. Chances are high that if you’ve ever used a roller, you’ve used it to roll out your iliotibial

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The Diaphragm and Our Internal Pressure System

Women commonly believe that holding their bellies in tightly throughout the day will help them “work” their abs, or maybe will make their bellies appear smaller. That is highly NOT recommended and here’s why: Holding your abs in tightly can actually create issues in your core. It can negatively affect how you breathe by not allowing your lungs and diaphragm

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