Essentrics Barre

Essentrics Barre

Essentrics BarreThe Essentrics exercise program offered at STUDIO FITNESS is the same program that has been aired on PBS as ‘Classical Stretch’ since 1999. It has been rated the #1 fitness show on the network for over 10 years. Essentrics is used by numerous business professionals, Olympic athletes and celebrities. Performing the STUDIO FITNESS Essentrics stretch class will help slow down the aging process while keeping the body young, attractive, strong and healthy. Participants will notice an immediate increase in flexibility and a release of tension in their muscles after each class – improving their posture and range of motion. Stress is released and aches and pains are soothed through the gradual unlocking of the entire body.  Justina Bailey has learned the methods directly from Miranda Esmonde-White at her facility in Montreal. More info about the brand here:

<p>With extensive experience in the fitness industry and diverse knowledge in the areas of health and wellness, Justina’s reputation for vastly changing how people live and move in their bodies and her reputation is based on her acquisition of specialty training in areas that are an advancing focus for health and wellness including anti-aging movements.<br /> In addition to fitness instruction and personal training, medical practitioners also refer their clients to Justina to assist their chiropractic, physiotherapy, and rehabilitation care. She is well known for her practical knowledge and top-notch instruction. Justina studies web seminars every single day to compare and contrast the scientific ideas with changing practices in fitness.</p> <p>Justina completed her Essentrics and Aging Backwards training directly with Miranda Esmonde-White in Montreal and has also been trained in anti-aging exercise programs from top presenters in the European Gymnastics Union. She has been the only North American participant in the European festivals and is focused on creating more of a regular attendance in these events if her students are willing to accompany her and highlight their amazing movement quality.</p> <p>Specialized Training:</p> <p> - Barre<br /> - Pilates<br /> - Japanese Yoga Therapy<br /> - Essentrics<br /> - Aging Backwards<br /> - Personal Training</p> <p>Certificates</p> <p> - CFES Weight Training Instructor Certification<br /> - Emergency Standard First Aid Certifications<br />

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  1. Wendy
    6 hours ago

    I have been looking for a stretch class in Victoria since I saw the Miranda Esmonde-White program on PBS. I have looked at her website and see there are videos for all ages and abilities. I’m looking for a beginner class for basic flexibility for an older woman with arthritis, pain and other physical limitations. Your Essentrics Barre looks like a more advanced class than I’m looking for but you don’t have a lot of detail about the class you offer your website.
    Can you let me know who the class is designed for and if you might have a class for the type of limitations I’ve described above.
    Thank you, Wendy

    1. Justina
      2 hours ago

      HI Wendy,

      I think you will find the Classical Stretch Yoga appropriate for what you are looking for. It can both allow you to move in ranges to keep you safe but continue to challenge you enough to build up strength and range of motion. She class is taught by Laura Benson on Tuesday mornings 9:30-10:30am. She receives 5-star reviews from every class member and she is a talented, educated, articulate instructor. Hope you can make it next week.



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